Deliveroo bonus - £100 to £200 when completing 30 deliveries.

High referral code
pays £100
updated 20/09/2018
Get a £100 rider bonus fee when you complete 30 deliveries
and an extra £100 bonus if you do them before the end of October! In these cities

If you make an appointment and you are told that at the moment there aren't any slots available and that the team will be in touch, you can use the same link but select different areas, cities near you where you can apply... After your app is ready you can change the location and work anywhere! Deliveroo offers great flexibility. You can work in one city at lunch time, another town in the evening and another one on the weekends! This is great for students who spend weekdays and weekends in different places.

Ride with Deliveroo & get your referral code!

Get fit. Have fun. Earn Money.

Scan the QR Code and make an onboarding appointment
to start making money
Be your own boss
Choose your hours
£10 to £16 an hour
Great opportunities to make extra money!
It is very important to bring original documents to the onboarding session to guarantee your rider app is activated the same day you attend the appointment. If you are applying to work with a car or scooter be sure you have "food delivery insurance", or "hire and reward" or similar. This will be in your insurance certificate and under limitations of use: Some of the companies riders recommend are MCE or Zego. Be sure to tell them you want to work for Deliveroo.


Most questions can be answered by checking the FAQs in the app.

Fee queries


The email team are available to help with issues that are not related to live orders – like problems and questions about your app or Supplier Agreement.

Call – only for live orders

The phone team can only help you with questions related to live orders. Call the team for help with any order you are currently working on – including unassignment, delays and emergency support. You can call the team on 020 3699 9977.